Name: 'Meechy'

Location: Milton Keynes

Design Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Dreamweaver, Flash, Director, Strata Studio Pro, 3D Studio Max.
I use PCs & Macs equally and am a Photoshop art and visualisation specialist.

Achievements / Experience: Biography - Matt 'Meechy' Meech started his career at a publishers, creating childrens books. As this involved
conceptualising, writing, illustrating, paper engineering and graphic designing, it was not long before he soon had the portfolio to be able to
move onwards and upwards into a Concept Development role fot Hasbro toys ( then later a concept artist in video games.
It was during this time that he developed strong opinions and foresight on the future of Entertainments, Converging Media, Intellectual
Property, and Licensing. As a freelancer, he won the Mother & Baby Silver Award 2005 ( for the work ( he did for TigerPrint/Hallmark Cards ( as an artist, published poet, promoter,
Armchair-Phenomenologist, Milton Keynes Arts Assoc. ( Panelist, and strategic thinker, he is able to look over the top
of the drawing board and see the bigger picture...

Ever the innovator, Meechy has several self-initiated projects at varying stages of development;

MK Festivals - Meechy and his co-promoter Mike Christensen ( have been commissioned by Central Milton Keynes Partnership to help build awareness up-to, during, and beyond MK Festivals, by means of innovative special projects.... watch this space!

Disney - One of Meechy's creations (which cannot be mentioned at this time) is now in development with Disney USA. He is the only artist in Europe to have a deal with Disney USA.

Symbiob ( - Meechy's bizarre imagined eco-system has now attracted the attention of the leading wildlife presenter and naturalist, Hayden Turner (, National Geographic Channel ( with whom a joint venture is on the cards, where HT will be your guide on this most peculiar of safaris. Symbiob has also received several web awards and invitions onto cutting-edge web TV stations like ( and ( The Pilots of Reece (deceased) -

Meechy's online animated series, sporting a soundtrack by unsigned bands, 'TPoR(d)' [for short] won the MK Creates Arts Award ( as well as several web-awards, has been showcased at big summer music festivals such as truck Record's ( 'truck Festival 2005' ( and exhibited with great success at the Milton Keynes Gallery on 13th Oct 2005 ( [to see video of the 'MK G (unleashed)' event go here ( and for still photos, go here (

Recent news is that 'TPoR(d)' has got a merchandise deal with one of the world's biggest social stationery firms - this will send 'TPoR(d)' out to the whole of the UK, promoting MK music culture to a huge audience.

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Copyright © Matthew J.R. Meech



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