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The design industry is difficult to break into, there is much competition, so why not gain the edge with an online portfolio that the world can view? While applying for jobs, you can simply add the URL to your CV or business card so that it is quick and easy for potential employers to view your work. You’ll save time and money that would have been spent for example preparing and sending discs or photocopying work. Also, instead of lugging your huge portfolio to the interview, you could check if it is required, as you can just supply your web address (provided they have internet access readily available).
NB: Should you wish to update your details or images, just resubmit the form etc and we will make the changes asap.
Item 2
Either way, it shows initiative and professionalism to have your portfolio in web format as well as print as the internet is the medium of the future. In addition, promoting your artwork online allows you to network with other artists / designers and possibly get the attention of potential clients. Maybe you were already thinking of obtaining a website but the costs can be expensive. So this is the ideal solution to the problem - a web presence at an affordable fee which highlights your artistic & technical strengths.
Follow the Instructions
Simply fill in the form provided (either in web or print format) with as much information as possible. If there are any fields you cannot or do not wish to fill in, leave them blank. If you choose to send by post, the address is provided on the form. You also need to send up to 9 examples of work (can be all images or a combo of website links & images). These can be supplied in original form or printed, ready for scanning (A4 max) or alternatively on disc or by email.
Donations can be sent either by cheque (must be made payable to Jennifer Clowes), or via paypal to (below) NB: The Ad is intended to be a visually stimulating website full of artwork. You must provide at least a few examples of work to activate your portfolio.
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