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Name: Alice Bowe

Location: London

Highest Qualification: BA (Hons) Fine Art

Studied At: Oxford University

Design Programs (in order of usage): Vectroworks, CAD, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Image Ready and Macromedia Dreamweaver

Achievements: Alice Bowe is an artist and garden designer with a passion for colour. After studying Fine Art at Oxford University, Alice completed postgraduate studies in garden design. Now painting with plants, her artistic training is evident in the colourful and imaginative designs she produces.

Experience: Alice continues to draw and paint in a more traditional sense, and accepts commissions directly inspired by your garden in addition to her bespoke design work. Her paintings are held in private collection as far afield as Nottingham, Oxford, London and Prague.

Copyright © Alice Bowe

Illustration Illustration
a b c
d e f
a - Golden Veil (4x4ft - oil on canvas)
b - Light Veil (15x15cm - mixed media)
c - Calamawotsits (4x4ft - oil on canvas)
d - Grass Drift (4x4ft - oil on canvas)
e - Glitter Flower (15x10cm - mixed media on canvas)
f -  Stipa (1x1ft - oil on canvas)
g - Monarda Crowned (3x3ft - oil on canvas)
h - Light Veil 2 (15x15cm - mixed media)
i -  Meadow Haze (4x4ft - oil on canvas)
g h i

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