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Name: Dave Hickey

Location: Bradford

Highest Qualification: BA (Hons) Fine Art, MCSA

Studied At: Huddersfield, Home Learning

Design Programs (in order of usage): Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Liquid Motion

Achievements: "I want to make an impression on people, get the work I do out there, to bring a little charm, fascination and stimulate intrigue in people. That's what creativity is all about, I think it's a totally selfless act - you make something for yourself in the initial phase of creation, but ultimately any work of art is for other people - take a landscape, I might paint or draw one because I want to share the feeling I get looking at that and make someone else feel the same way because I got a strong emotion from being there, and making that picture, and I guess for any work of art to be successful, that has to carry through and come out to whoever looks at it..."

Experience: Had much local interest in the portraits he creates, still waiting for that big break though...

Copyright © Dave Hickey

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