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Name: Greg tricker

Location: Gloucester

Achievements & Experience: Major exhibitions: Paintings for Anne Frank (exhibited at Peterborough Cathedral and St Clement Danes, London) The Catacombs and Francis of Assisi (exhibited at Salisbury Cathedral and Piano Nobile Gallery, London) The Life of Kaspar Hauser and Bernadette of Lourdes (2006 and 2008, both exhibited at Piano Nobile Gallery, London) The Christ Journey (Westminster Cathedral, Gloucester Cathedral and Piano Nobile Gallery, 2011) Jeanne d'Arc (Rheims Cathedral, April - June 2013) Major publications: Sister Wendy Beckett, The Christ Journey (St. Paul's Publishing, 2011)

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a - Maria and Child (2010) Signed on reverse - Stained and etched antique glass (55x25in)
b - The Grail Journey St Joseph of Arimathea (2010) Signed - English Oak (54x50x30in)
c - 'I Am' The Good Shepherd (2009) Signed - Oil and gold leaf on wooden door (41x32in)
d - Golgotha - Crucifixion (2009) Signed and inscribed on reverse - Oil on wood (30x16in)
e - Magdalene - The Tomb (2010) Oil, acrylic and gold-leaf on wood door (85x83cm)
f -  Christos: 'I Am' The Bread of Life (2011) Signed on reverse - Stained glass (50x30in)
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