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Name: Mel Holmes

Location: Sheffield

Highest Qualification: BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Studied At: Norfolk Institute of Art and Design

Achievements & Experience: After graduation I spent several years painting Old Masters reproductions. I worked as a mural artist for The Grand Union Design Company, London from 1997 to 2002. Since then I have worked on many high profile murals both in the UK and abroad.

Copyright © Mel Holmes

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a - trompe l'oeil stonework, Wickstead Hall (Oil on plaster)
b - Roman ceiling mural, Bermuda (Acrylic on canvas)
c - trompe l'oeil bookcase, Hotel du Vin, Cambridge (Acrylic on canvas)
d - Manchester cityscape, The trafford Centre (Oil on canvas)
e - Burke and Hare themed mural, Hotel du Vin, Edinburgh (Oil on Canvas)
f -  Wine cellar mural, Hotel du Vin, York (Oil on canvas)
g - Jockey themed mural, Hotel du Vin, York (Oil on canvas)
h - Regatta theme mural, Hotel du Vin, Poole (Oil on canvas)
i -  Ravi Varma themed mural, Barnes Hall, Colombo, Sri Lanka (Oil on canvas)
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