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Name: Michael David Murray

Location: Glasgow

Highest Qualification: BEng Product Design

Studied At: Strathclyde

Design Programs (in order of usage): 3D Studio Max, Photoshop

Achievements & Experience: Over 300 successfully completed art commissions. silver award for Urban Ants. Image was also featured on the front cover of AN magazine May 2005. Cover artwork Histoires Maigres by Alasdair Gray, James kelman, Agnes Owens.


* Scotland Street School [Epilespy Scotland 2009]
* House For An Art Lover
* Homes and Interiors Scotland SECC 2008
* Hanover Fine Arts (Glasgow Group)
* Royal Concert Hall (Glasgow Group)
* Gallery 23 (Glasgow Group)
* Montgomeries cafe
* Lloyd Jeromes Gallery
* The Tron Theatre (Glasgow Group)
* MacLaurin Gallery (Glasgow Group)
* Glasgow Art Club [Epilespy Scotland 2007 + 2008]
* Postcards For Sick Kids Exhibition 2008

Copyright © Michael David Murray

illustration illustration
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a - Finnieston Crane (Digital Mixed Media)
b - Ashton Lane (Digital Mixed Media)
c - Hidden Lane (Digital Mixed Media)
d - Football Cows (Digital Photographic Collage)
e - Ping Pong Pandas (Digital Photographic Collage)
f -  Card Cheetah (Digital Photographic Collage)
g - Boxing Kangaroos (Digital Photographic Collage)
h - Zebra Petanque (Digital Photographic Collage)
i -  Swimming Frogs (Digital Photographic Collage)
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