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Name: Phil Barrett

Location: Hoddesdon

Highest Qualification: GNVQ Art & Design

Studied At: Herts Regional College

Design Programs (in order of usage): Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark

Achievements & Experience: I am Phil Barrett, a Hertfordshire based portrait artist working just outside london. I paint in Oil paints or charcoal/pencil. The majority of my commissions come mainly for portrait work, where I paint the subjects from photographs and life.

Copyright © Phil Barrett

illustration illustration
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a a a
a - Doberman Pinscher
b - Kayleigh & Sienna
c - Just Married - Oil on panel (35cm x 45cm)
d - Oil on canvas (70cm x 50cm)
e - Oil on panel (30cm x 45cm)
f -  Oil on canvas (50cm x 50cm)
g - Oil on canvas (50cm x 70cm)
h - Oil on panel (30cm x 40cm)
i -  Oil on canvas (30cm x 40cm)
a a a

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