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Name: Sara Fincham-Majumdar

Location: Reading

Highest Qualification: MA Fine Art

Studied At: Wimbledon School Of Art

Design Programs (in order of usage):

Achievements & Experience: I have exhibited in various individual and group shows in the UK and have work in private collections
both nationally and internationally.

Copyright © Sara Fincham-Majumdar

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d e f
a - Blue Pink (103cm x 103cm - Oil On Canvas)
b - Navy (162cm x 162cm - Oil On Canvas)
c - Pool 3 (45cm x 120cm - Oil On Canvas)
d - Pool 1 (45cm x 120cm - Oil On Canvas)
e - Dark Green (149cm x 149cm - Oil On Canvas)
f -  Green (180cm x 120cm - Oil On Canvas)
g - Patch (88cm x 92cm - Oil On Canvas)
h - Fish 1 (89cm x 89cm - Oil On Canvas)
i -  Fish 2 (89cm x 89cm - Oil On Canvas)
g h i

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