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Name: Franny Green

Location: Alston, Cumbria

Highest Qualification: HND Graphic Design, A'Level Art & Design

Studied At: Abingdon College

Design Programs (in order of usage): Adobe Photoshop

Achievements & Experience: I've already developed a good client base, both in the uk and the US I have several testimonials to my work available on my website. My name is Franny and I am an art worker, designer and photographer. I have a passion for design, I love trying out new techniques as well as perfecting the old. My design work varies from clothing to logos. I also have a bit of a first love, which is photography. I wish this could be my bread and butter but with the amount of talented artists out there it is near impossible to get into. In my photos I like to show natural beauty, such as landscapes, nature macros & portraiture. I am also into urbex photography. Urbex is urban exploration and I have visited many sites across the U.K. I love the eeriness and starkness of many of the places i go to. The feeling of people just disappeared. I am also into fetish and the bizarre. I have not got a lot of these sort of projects under my belt but would definitely be up for doing more. From burlesque to the extremes of BDSM.

I have a good background of design and photography. I went to college after leaving school reaching grades of A-C. I studied graphic design, art and design and photography. I passed my photography A level a year early receiving a A. I left college with 2 distinctions and the A in photography. I was accepted into Bournemouth university a year before my course ended, but sadly i was unable to take this opportunity due to family commitments. I never finished my formal education. While studying graphics at the time I did (99) it was all pretty much paper and pencil work. we very rarely used the macs we had. At 20 i decided after a varied work history from the age of 17, i started to teach myself computer based graphics. I began by using paintshop pro and i learned much from that but soon upgraded to photoshop. Paintshop is a excellent program to start on and learn the basics, its also good for learning the look and feel of graphics program. From then I have not stopped trying to develop myself as a artist. It has taken me four years to get where I am today and i will probably keep learning till I decide to give it all up! I am by no means a master but on the whole but based on the feedback I receive I would say i was a talented artist. I work hard and love my work.

Copyright © Franny Green

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