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Name: Carla F Castagno

Location: Italy

Highest Qualification: BA (Hons) Illustration

Studied At: European Istitute of Design, Italy

Design Programs (in order of usage): Adobe Photoshop (v good), Illustrator (v good) Flash (good)

Achievements & Experience: Since 1998, when I got my diploma at the European Istitute of Design (Turin - Italy), I have worked in all the fields of drawing.

I attended illustration courses with Massimiliano Frezzato and Pia Valentinis, and an animation course at "Lanterna Magica" in Turin (Italy)
I worked for animated cartoons, taking part in the making of "Lucky and Zorba" (a Lanterna Magica and Cecchi Gori Group production) and some animated series. I have illustrated children and school books for De Agostini, Elle Di Ci and Lazzaretti Edizioni in Italy, Mighty Book in USA and Uniset in Denmark.

I realized advertising pictures for a lot of very important italian agencies: Ferrero, Novartis, Caffarel and more...
I work in animation also with Macromedia Flash, making animated cartoons for cd-rom and the internet.
I realized pictures for publicity campaigns, cd-roms, greeting cards and brochures.

Copyright © Carla F Castagno

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a - The elves and the shoemaker - Lazzaretti Ed. Italy
b - Lilly - De Agostini Ed. Italy
c - Cover for Pixie and the magic rainbow - De Agostini Ed. Italy
d - Lexicauns - De Agostini Ed. Italy
e - A wombat might - MightyBook - USA
f - A wombat might - MightyBook - USA
g - Christmas Greeting card
h - Lady Laziness-Illustrando Ed. Italy
i - Lady Laziness-Illustrando Ed. Italy
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