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Name: Jessica Ottowell

Location: Glasgow - Easington Village - Bracknell - Basingstoke

Highest Qualification: Nat Dip ICTP / Year One BTec ICT

Studied At: New Collage Durham/Sunderland University

Design Programs (in order of usage): Photography:- The GNU Image Manipulation Program (The GIMP), Photoshop CS/CS2/CS3 Beta
Website Development:- Quanta Plus, Dreamweaver 8, Flash MX 2004/8, The Gimp, Photoshop CS2.

Achievements & Experience: *Freelance Photographer - 2003 -2005 *Founder of Revolution Computer Company - 2002 *Owner and head of Development Revolution Computer Company - 2002 *Current Designer of the Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit website and forum - 2006/7 *Admin of the Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit forum *Current Owner of fiveCARDSdown (Photography Company/Licencing body) * Current Freelance (mkIndustrial) Photographer - 2005 - Present *Bunny Comic Project Admin and Site Designer - Present *RevMAIL software Developer - 2003 -2004

Copyright © Jessica Ottowell

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a - Abandoned
b - Mayfair Sinage, Londinium
c - Underpass, Sunderland
d - The National Gallery Dome, Londinium
e - Cherry Knoll Under A Blue Sky
f -  The Fog
g - truth, Essence, Beauty, Shin Zenbi
h - tricks Of The Light And Too Much Caffine, Warmth
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