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    The mission / objective: This website is dedicated to artists and designers primarily within the UK. It has several categories to
    include every expression of art ‘n’ design available. It is designed to be user-friendly and appealing. So, if you are of a creative nature, why not join the Ad? You can then add your url to your cv or business card.

Welcome to the Artistic directory: where artists and designers can showcase their portfolio to potential employers, clients and the rest of the artistic community.

If you are an artist / creative: Why not supply up to 9 examples of work along with details of your achievements & experience?
See a) below >>>

If you are an employer / art lover: Why not browse our creatives for your project or vacancy? Just choose one of the categories to begin.
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Are you an artist / creative? (see arty-farty version)

Are you a graphic / web designer, photographer, illustrator or glassmaker, a sculptor, fine artist or a 3d animator etc?

1/ The design industry is difficult to break into, there is loads of competition, so why not gain the edge with an online portfolio that the world can explore? Then, while applying for jobs, you can simply add the URL to your CV or business card so that it is quick and easy for potential employers to view your work. You’ll save time and money that would have been spent ie: preparing and sending discs or photocopying work. And, instead of lugging your huge portfolio to the interview, you can just supply your web address (provided they have internet access readily available, that is).

2/ Either way, it shows initiative and professionalism to have your portfolio in web format as well as print as the internet is the medium of the future. In addition, promoting your artwork online allows you to network with other artists / designers and possibly get the attention of potential clients. Maybe you were already thinking of obtaining a website but the costs of purchasing domain names and hosting can be expensive, not to mention hiring a professional web designer. So this could be the ideal solution, a web presence at an affordable fee which highlights your artistic & technical strengths.


3/ How it works - Simply fill in the form provided (either in web or print format) with as much information as possible. If there are any fields you cannot or do
not wish to fill in, leave them blank. You also need to send up to 9 examples of work (can be all images or a combo of website links & images). These can be supplied in original form or printed, ready for scanning (A4 max) or alternatively on disc or by email. Or if you need the postal address to send your images / artwork, please email a request.

Donations can be sent either by cheque (must be made payable to Jennifer Clowes), or via paypal to - NB: Should you wish to update your details or images, just resubmit the form etc and we will make the changes asap.

To recap:

Step 1: Submit the form

Step 2: Send artwork

Step 3: Make a donation

Step 4: Look for your listing on the Artistic directory (you should receive an email to confirm your portfolio has been uploaded)


Are you an employer / art lover?

Are you an employer / potential client / art lover? Perhaps you’ve got a creative project that needs doing ie: a website designing or an illustration for a magazine? Or maybe you have a vacancy in your design department and are looking for a suitable employee? Why not search the Artistic directory for the ideal creative for your position? alternatively, maybe you are simply an art lover and would like to peruse examples of artwork in your leisure? Then, you have come to the right place. Just click on one of the categories to begin searching. If you appreciate a person’s design style or technical ability, you can then contact them directly via email or by visiting their personal website. If you know of anyone creative who may appreciate an online portfolio to showcase their artwork, please refer the Ad. Thanks for your interest in the Artistic directory.



Aquiring an online portfolio on the Artistic directory is free of charge but we would appreciate donations to help with maintenance costs in order to keep the site up and running. You can make a donation either: via paypal to the email address:

or via cheque (please make payable to (Jennifer Clowes) to the address provided. NB: 4 easy payment, you will be given a paypal button directly after submitting the form (or click on the paypal icon on ‘Are you an artist / creative?’ page). Thank you for your support.

Artists' Resources & links

Feel free to browse the {artists' resources} page for links to art 'n' design related sites. If you have an art-related site and would link to swap links or have heard of some interesting news related to the design industry such as competitions etc, please contact us via the email address below.

Contact Us

You can contact the Artistic directory via the following methods: (Any questions or suggestions?)


NB: If you need the postal address to send your images / artwork, please email a request

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