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Name: Anna Alcock

Location: London

Highest Qualification: MA Printmaking

Studied At: University of the Arts London

Design Programs (in order of usage): Microsoft (All)

Achievements & Experience: South African with a Fine Art degree, and MA in Printmaking. Widely exhited artist printmaker, and Chair of East London Printmakers. Current interest is exploring feminity and mythology.

Copyright © Anna Alcock

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a - The Moon Rises: Multi-media collage: relief print and water colour
b - War of the Dogs: Relief Print (editioned)
c - Guardian Angel: Multi-media: oil monoprint, screenprint, conte and charcoal
d - Guardian Angel: Relief print
e - Dream Travellers in London: Relief print with hand colouring
f -  Lonely Lovers: Relief print
g - Florentine Dance: Screenprint
h - Sleeping Beauty: Etching
i -  Dwarfed by Man: Etching
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