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Name: Lucy Sarah Antwis

Location: York

Highest Qualification: BA (Hons) Textiles - First Class

Studied At: St John University, York

Design Programs (in order of usage): Photoshop, Illustrator

Achievements & Experience: I currently exhibit and sell my work through arts and crafts galleries and on private commission. I have made lighting for Liberty and work freelance on a variety of textile based projects including running workshops, technical support for artists, designing and making and graphic design.

Email Address: lucyantwis@yahoo.co.uk

Copyright © Lucy Sarah Antwis

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a - Fire bag, merino wool (33 cms W x 27 cms H)
b - Aqua bag, merino wool (28 cms W x 27 cms H)
c - Three bags - Various sizes
d - Scarves, merino wool (108 cms H x 11 cms W)
e - Scarves on hanger, merino wool (108 cms H x 11 cms W)
f -  Nuno scarf with Merino (80 cms H x 8 cms W)
g - Sea blue bag, merino wool (27 cms H x 28 cms W)
h - Henna bag, merino wool (25 cms W x 23 cms H)
i -  Bags and chunky buttons, merino wool, various sizes
g h i

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